Praxis für ganzheitliche Therapie | Gesprächs-, Körper- und Traumatherapie

Praxis für ganzheitliche Therapie | Gesprächs-, Körper-
und Traumatherapie

Current topics in my domain

Emotional trauma

Emotional trauma occurs as a result of severe neglect, abandonment, or abuse during developmental years.
Emotional trauma takes a lot of time to process, especially if it has occurred over decades. Because then the identity was formed through these experiences, and patterns emerged that wanted to be recognized and then changed.

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We differentiate between internal and external communication. Every type of communication takes place on different levels and in different languages. Communication thrives on mutual projection. This is particularly evident in interpersonal relationships.

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Gratitude – recognizing the value of gratitude. Remembering something for which you feel gratitude, even in difficult moments. Gratitude changes neural patterns.

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Burnout and stress

Stress is the name for a high form of psychological and physical stress or strain.

Stress is something the body has to defend itself against.

Stress always requires energy.

Positive stress just means no emotional stress.

Chronic stress damages the immune system and accelerates the aging process.

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Highly sensitive

Around 20% of all people worldwide, regardless of gender and culture, are highly sensitive.
Highly sensitive people have a more permeable stimulus processing system than normally sensitive people. This means that more stimuli from the environment as well as from inside the body (the organs, for example) are absorbed and subsequently have to be processed.

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Strength and joy


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