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My practice is a truly welcoming and safe place, in which everyone is welcome exactly the way he is. An empathic contact in a field of trust can be the key to reconciliation and self-healing. My presence, empathy and emotional abilities enable profound changes and permanent healing.

Therapy areas

 Traumatherapie Schaffhausen Symptome Baum

Somatic experiencing (SE)

An SE session is characterized by the basic attitude that trauma is not a disease or disorder. The physical and mental response to a traumatic event is a normal response to a non-normal event. In therapy, resources that were missing or prevented in the situation at that time, are activated. To do this, conversation, touch and movement are used.

Somatic Experiencing offers a new and hopeful view of the trauma.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity is a form of conversation and body-oriented therapy, based on mindfulness and appreciation for everyone and their history.

It brings the energy in the body into its natural flow and activates and strengthens the inherent self-healing powers in humans.