Praxis für ganzheitliche Therapie | Gesprächs-, Körper- und Traumatherapie

Praxis für ganzheitliche Therapie | Gesprächs-, Körper-
und Traumatherapie

Let's go!
Regain joy in life
Resolve your fears
Awaken your strength

It is important to recognize the connections between health issues and their triggers.

Classic clinical pictures and pain often have psychosomatic causes. This means that triggers are often not medical in nature, but rather psychological in nature. 

Together we will work out the connections between your physical symptoms and their triggers.



Pain in the abdominal area, upper left. 

Computed tomography (CT) shows a tumor. Another major investigation is due at the end of the month.

Session history:

Feel for tension and release blockages. 

The client becomes calmer, breathing becomes deeper, hands and feet become warmer, feels grounded, energetic and relaxed.

​Another session after 3 weeks, after the doctor’s appointment has been made:

The tumor has resolved, the new CT image shows a healthy intestine without a tumor.

In this way, the connection between a stressful issue in the relationship and the knot in the stomach became apparent. By showing the topic and working out a solution, the situation in the relationship has been resolved and with it the somatic expression as a knot in the stomach.

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