Praxis für ganzheitliche Therapie | Gesprächs-, Körper- und Traumatherapie

Praxis für ganzheitliche Therapie | Gesprächs-, Körper-
und Traumatherapie

Polarity Therapy


Polarity therapy is a comprehensive treatment method. She finds her roots in chiropractic and osteopathy. 

It is a journey through the body, getting to know and discovering oneself. In the awareness of the holistic, working on the body is always working on the mind and soul.

Polarity Therapy brings the energy in the body into its natural flow and thus strengthens the self-healing powers inherent in every human being. A slowed or stalled energy flow can lead to lack of vitality, malaise or physical discomfort and ultimately illness.

Polarity Therapy strengthens the immune system physically and psychologically.

The therapy is also suitable, for example, for stress, burnout, sleep disorders, whiplash, learning difficulties, developmental delays, change processes, pregnancy support, addiction issues, fear and panic and many other symptoms and pain. Before and after operations, as well as serious illnesses, Polarity Therapy is very strengthening and very supportive and integrative of the healing process.

​Polarity therapy is suitable for people of all ages and in all situations.

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