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Graduate Polarity Therapist

Languages: German, English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish

I am married to Dr. Gert Hinsenkamp. Together we have 5 children aged 15-30 years old, a dog and 2 cats.

I like being in nature - hiking, climbing, skiing, jogging and on the water. Languages, travel, culture and history are also part of my interests.

The tasks of life let me grow. Even though they were not always easy, or because they were not always easy, they lead to the development of great strength, that will forever be part of me and lead to much depth, fulfillment, joy and happiness


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Trauma therapy

Everybody experiences trauma during live. A major trauma is something, that occurs too quickly, too violently and is overwhelming. Trauma gets stuck in the nervous system. Trauma can be solved through therapy. A resolved trauma means more strength, more energy more creativity and freedom.

Crisis intervention
Crisis intervention

Every crisis is an opportunity, a moment to reflect over the paths of ones life. Together we reflect and explore new ways.


Every addiction covers a deficiency. Together we will work out the path to independence.