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Polarity Therapy

Polarity is a form of conversation and body-oriented therapy, based on mindfulness and appreciation for everyone and their history.

It brings the energy in the body into its natural flow and activates and strengthens the inherent self-healing powers in humans.


Energy moves in a living organism, also in humans, between two opposite poles. Hence the name Polarity Therapy.

A slow or stagnant flow of energy can lead to a lack of vitality, malaise or physical discomfort and ultimately illness.

The polarity therapy according to Dr. Randolph Stone is a holistic health concept and combines the latest knowledge of Western medicine with traditional healing methods of the East.

The latest findings from quantum physics and brain research confirm the mode of action of the polarity principle in all manifestations.

The therapy is suitable for stress, burnout, sleep disorders, whiplash injuries, learning difficulties, developmental delays, change processes, pregnancy support, addiction issues, anxiety and panic and many other symptoms and pain. Before and after operations, as well as serious illnesses, polarity therapy is very invigorating and promotes the healing process.

Polarity Therapy is suitable for people of all ages and in all situations.

Therapy includes body work with certain touch techniques, the conversation, and, if necessary, nutritional recommendations and physical exercises for at home and on the go.